Mistry Folding

Pharmaceutical Leaflet Folders / Inserts Folding Machines

Mistry is specialize in folding machines, Range of machines that can process comprehensive stages of Paper , Leaflet Folding Machine , Vision systems with inspection with customizable speed and automation etc.

Pioneer in bringing Insert/Paper/Leaflet folding equipment technology for the Printing and packaging industry , We have marked to USA. Partnering with esteemed organizations and customers we continue our growth in America’s Continent.

Innovative Technology for Reliable
  • Paper Folding, Print Finishing,
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions
  • Paper Folding Machines
  • Pressure Sealers
  • Tabbing Mail Machines

Automatic Outsert Folding Machine , Pharmaceutical Ouster Folder suppliers and manufacturer of leaflet folding machines. our expertise below machine with different model as per application and customer requirement we build and designed.

  • Pile Feeder Machine Accessories
  • Pile Feeder Machine
  • Friction Feeder Machine
  • Automatic Paper Folding Machine
  • Friction Feed Folding Machine
  • Vacuum Feed Folding Machine
  • Pharmaceutical Paper Folding Machine
  • Proofreading Software
  • Mailing Machine

We have evolved from the beginning to the current product line which is the latest in paper folding technology.